Tastes like home!

It’s in 1958 that Gérard Martineau founds the enterprise “Chez Gérard Patates Frites” by buying a small potato fries stand in St-Joseph- du-Lac. Very quickly, the little snacks attracts an increasing number of clients.

The unique taste of the homemade fries and steamed hot dogs allows him to forge a reputation in the area. Customers come back to "Chez Gérard Patates Frites" because they love the food, but also because they love the family service.


In 1966, Gérard Martineau sells his business to Cyprien Caron. Mr. Caron is one of the first businessmen to work on St-Joseph-du-Lac's development.

Here are Cyprien’s children in front of the restaurant back in the days.


Mr. Caron invests all his time and energy in the business to make sure it becomes a fast food restaurant known for its good food and service and then hand the reins to his son Guy Caron in year 2000.

Mr. Guy Caron follows his father’s tradition: offering excellent food with impeccable customer service. Just as his father, he is also a businessman and he is involved in St-Jospeh-du-Lac's community.

His aim is to transmit his passion to his children to allow them to take over the family business; which will be in its third generation.

Here are Guy and his wife Chantal.


In 2009, the Cyprien-Caron Park was named in honour of this hands-on man as a tribute to thank him for his public involvement and commitment to the municipality. Mr. Cyprien Caron was also recognized for his generosity and his integrity and for having allowed the Super Aqua Club of Pointe-Calumet's construction by buying the land for the project development.

We see him here with his wife Réjeanne, the Mayor of St-Joseph-du-Lac, Mr. Alain Guindon as well as the President of the CLD of the Deux-Montagnes RCM, Mr. Yvan Patry.